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Natural DNA Solutions

Genetic Health Reports & Treatments

How is NDS different from other reports?

There is an increasing number of DNA report services available, but I found them all suffered from some very serious flaws.  

The problem with other reports is that they:

  • Are not comprehensive. Focusing on a few genes or a few functional groups is not enough. Our genetics is a complex interactive web. The more genes we understand, the better able to optimize our health. The NDS report covers 1400 genes in 18 categories.
  • Have no or inadequate explanations of your DNA nature. NDS provides descriptions of the normal gene activity and the potential problems associated with each gene variation.
  • Offer no treatment guidelines. Knowing your genetic variations (your Nature) is only the first step. The important second step is providing Nurturing suggestions for working around your genetic challenges.
  • Place a heavy burden of time and learning on the patient. Some have the time, few have the education to take a preliminary report from one of these services and turn it into useful health information.
  • Lack focus. NDS, after a broad assessment of your genetic variations, guides you toward actions directed at your most-likely genetic problems.
  • Are of no benefit to doctors. These reports are too vague. Only a very few doctors have the expertise to extract meaningful information from them during an office visit. NDS organizes and explains your genetic health information in a way that your doctor can understand and put to use.

My book, Genetic Health Reports, surveys most of the genetic services available. It discuses their reports, number of genes and pricing. There are chapters on how to choose a genetic report for your practice, and practical guidelines on how to incorporate medical genetics into your practice. It's available on

How can integrating NDS support my practice?

  • As a teaching tool. Showing genetic tendencies and offering concrete suggestions for optimizing outcomes with a PERSONALIZED report is a great motivator.
  • As a guide to laboratory testing: SNPs may indicate, for instance, a methylation challenge that potentially raises homocysteine levels, or a COMT that potentially disrupts removal of neurotransmitters and estrogen.
  • As a guide for medication prescribing. Is your patient a fast or slow metabolizer of their meds?
  • As a guide to lifestyle, nutrition, detoxification, and supplementation therapies.

Is the NDS report a diagnosis or prescription?

Absolutely NOT.

Natural DNA Solutions reports are not presented as a diagnosis or prescription. We recognize that genetics is only half of the Nature/Nurture balance. The patient brings the report to a qualified health professional who can relate the report to their medical history and come up with logical solutions.

What if I have no or limited training in reading and interpreting genetic testing?

Our goal is to make the report accurate, based on the latest research, yet easy to understand. First of all, we organize the information so it can be skimmed through quickly and the highlights noted. If you have a basic understanding of the issues, once you're familiar with the format you will be able to look through a report in just a few minutes. 

What sort of recommendations does the report make? Medications? 

The report emphasizes lifestyle solutions and makes no recommendations regarding prescription or non-prescription medications. Again, we never prescribe any therapy, but suggest lifestyle changes (to be discussed with the health provider) that will positively impact genetic outcome.

What if I disagree with the report recommendations?

You will. You know your patient, we only know their genetics. That's why we send the patient back to you. Use your red pen to circle what you like and cross off what you don't. Your patients are looking for our report and your guidance. 

Does the report become part of their medical record?

That's entirely up to the patient and you. Some choose to use a pseudonym when ordering their report and not keeping a copy in their medical records. 

Other questions or comments? Want to see a sample report?

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Natural DNA Solutions

is here to help you integrate the most advanced genetic reports into your practice