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Natural DNA Solutions

Genetic Health Reports & Treatments

Here you can hear my 7/18 webinar on integrating gentics into clinical practice and nutrition. Genetic medicine has arrived, but not how you might think. Yes, there is a place for high-tech manipulation of genes, but mostly what medicine needs is an understanding of how to modify gene outcome through Detoxification, Nutrition, and Activity - These are the DNA therapies that support our DNA health.

I'm proud to announce the publication of my newest book, Genetic Health ReportsThis is the first book that surveys the various genetic report services that are available. Genetic health reports are an essential bridge between genetic data and clinical utility. Genetic health reports take the raw genetic data and convert it into a report that both interprets the data and provides guidance on how to turn off bad genes and turn on the good ones. Genetic Health Reports is available from Amazon as a paper book or e-book. 

An article on research showing that herbs influence gene expression. One of the unique benefits of the NDS report is the inclusion of foods and herbs that you can use (or avoid) to improve your genetic outcome.

Genetic interaction with gut bacteria:

Explanation of MTHFR, one of thousands of gene variations:

Good article on epigenetics with interviews with those who shaped the science.

Dr Ballard speaking on Optimizing your Genetic Health

Sept 18, 2015, 6pm

Crazy Moose Casion

Pasco, Washington

Hope to see you there!

We're exposed to 84,000 chemicals and only 1% have been tested. These chemicals impact our genetic health.

Recent article about the problems with genetic testing companies.

My response: Any company that starts spouting % risk of disease based only on genetics is either fraudulent of doesn't understand genetics. Genes do NOT determine your health. Health and disease are the outcome of genes and lifestyle (or, as we used to say, Nature and Nurture). The science of epigenetics shows us that two genetically identical people can have vastly different health depending on how they live their lives. What you want from a genetic health report is a description of what genes do and how you can optimize gene function. (PS: it can be done anonymously)

Dr. Ballard provides a brief introduction to naturopathic medicine.

Read Dr. Ballard's article for Sound Consumer on nutrition and genetics.a

Watch the great Nova series Ghost in your Genes about the human genome project and the differences between identical twins.

DNA Is Not Destiny:

The New Science of Epigenetics

Discoveries in epigenetics are rewriting the rules of disease, heredity, and identity.

Two mice bred to have diabetes and cancer and be obese are fed different diets and the results are astounding. 

By Ethan Watters|Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Read the latest interview with the founder of 23andme

Read what the founder of 23andme has to say about the revolution in genetics.

Read the latest from 23andme about how the FDA ruling impacts them...

Watch what CBS posted on 11/7/13.

Read how taking testosterone increases cancer risk...

Learn how genetics + air pollution lead to autism

Here's a good article on epigenetics and how sperm and eggs pass memory. A bit nerdy, but you might enjoy.

Why NDS?

We are the only company supplying comprehensive DNA-based health reports and natural health solutions for maximizing your health.