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Natural DNA Solutions

Genetic Health Reports & Treatments

DNA Testing

Comparison between NDS and other genetic reports

For a more indepth comparison between NDS and other genetic services, read Genetic Health Reports available on Amazon. 

What does a NDS report look like?

Each NDS report is individualized to reflect your unique genetics. It is divided into four parts.

Section I: Genetics 101: Basic information on genetics that helps you understand your report.

Section II: Nature. What you were born with. Graphic overview of your unique gene variation (AKA SNPs or "Mutations"). With an explanation of what the genes do and the diseases associated with them.

Section III: Nurturing. Nurturing treatments that help you "work around" you genetic variations. These include nutrition, supplements, detoxification, and lifestyle activities.

Section IV: Focused Action Plan: Which genetic variations are most-likely to cause health problems and the specific actions you should consider for optimizing your health. 

For example: 

Section I: Genetics 101

Your DNA sequencing provides a unique tool for maximizing your health. While your DNA is primarily set at birth by what you inherit from your parents, you do have control over how your DNA expresses itself. In studies of identical twins, for instance, they often have very different levels of health depending on where and how they lived. Exposure to environmental toxins and food choices may turn on and off genes associated with enhancing or degrading health.

The age-old paradigm is still true: we are the results of nature (DNA) and nurture (how we live). The discovery and ability to read DNA did not change this; but it did allow us a better understanding of how to nurture our nature.

(The report continues with a brief overview of genetics to help you understand your genetics)

Section II: Your Nature. What you were born with.

Over 1400 gene variations are surveyed and organized into functional categories:

These categories are explained in the report.

- Liver Detox - Phase I

- Liver Detox - Phase II

- Yeast/Alcohol Metabolism

- Methylation

- Trans-sulferation and Glutathione pathway

- Neurotransmitters 1: Serotonin & Dopamine

- Neurotransmitters 2: Glutamate & GABA

- COMT Activity

- Mitochondrial Function

- Alzheimers/Cardio/Lipid

- IgE

- IgG

- IgA

- Clotting Factors

- Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance

- Thyroid

- Eye Health

- Other Immune Factors

Your unique gene variations are listed with an explanation of what each gene normally does and what might happen if it becomes a problem. 

Here is one example...

* Yellow indicates one variation (heterozygous, as explained in the report)

* Red indicates two variations (homozygous, as explained in the report)

Section III: Nurture

Nurturing treatments that will help you "work around" your genetic variations. 

This will include:

  • Detoxification Strategies
  • Nutrition Optimization
  • Activity: Mental and Physical

These three therapies, Detoxification, Nutrition, and Activity are the D.N.A. that supports your DNA genetics.

All of your potential areas of concern will be reviewed: Detoxification, thyroid, bleeding, hormones, methylation, mitochondria, etc

For instance, one area we'll look at is Methylation.

Here's a partial report on one person's methylation:


Methylation is a simple process with wide-ranging effects in the body. By adding what are called methyl groups to a gene or compound, its behavior is changed. This is how genes are turned on and off. Methylation is also one way of removing toxic metals. As you can see from the size of this category, there are many genes that code for enzymes that effect methylation health.

Your test shows a number of hetero- and homozygous SNPs in methylation. This may or may not have a negative influence on your body depending on how much stress you’re subjected to, your intake of co-factors through diet, and your exposure to toxins.

You also show two gene variations in the DAO gene. This could potentially increase your histamine. Histamine, while usually associated with respiratory allergies, has wide effects throughout the body as shown in the following diagram: 

Section III continues, discussing all your gene categories and the variations that may be effecting your health. 

Section IV: Focused Action Plan

This section focuses on the gene variations most likely to cause you health problems. This is based on the number and severity of gene variations. 

For instance if you had no gene variations in the Mitochondria functional area, then it is less likely you'll have problems there (although, as explained, not impossible).

On the other hand, if you have several severe gene variations in Mitochondria and have had health problems associated with mitochondrial dysfunction (fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc), then this would be a focus area.

* Note that the suggestions in this section should not be considered as diagnostic or prescriptions. Genetics is just one aspect for assessing your health. Health history, physical exam, and other laboratory tests are vital for making a comprehensive whole-person assessment. As explained in the NDS report, genes are not a diagnosis, but an inherent tendency. 

Recommendations are individualized and might include something like...

Based on your gene variations...

  • You have several genes that increase your risk of high blood homocysteine. Homocysteine is an independent risk factor for heart disease. Consult with your practitioner about monitoring homocysteine levels.
  • As indicated above, you have several genes that increase your risk of oxidation damage. Recommendation: Consult with your health provider about tree-radical testing to monitor and control oxidation. Supplements for reducing oxidative damage include...(the report would continue with a list...)

  • Note you have several genes listed that increase your risk of ammonia toxicity. Ammonia is produced by gut bacteria and eliminated by healthy liver function. Consult with your healthcare provider about testing and treating if ammonia levels are high. If liver function is compromised, support liver function. See below for specific recommendations.

  • DAO: You have gene variations of your DAO gene which produces DiAmine Oxidase, the enzyme that breaks down histamine. This mutation may increase problems with NSAIDS and histamine-rich foods. If you are having allergy-like food reactions to histamine-rich foods, consider avoiding these foods (see list below). You may also want to consult with your healthcare provider on supplementing DAO, the enzyme that breaks down histamine in the gut. See below for a list of histamine foods.
  • Folate: Note that you have a number of gene variations related to folate (MTHF) and folate receptors. If you eat a diet rich in folates (green leafy vegetables) and have good digestive function and low stress, these may not be a factor. On the other hand, it could be significant....(continued)...

There are numerous health problems associated with MTHF SNPs including

- Depression

- Insomnia

- Bipolar

- Anxiety

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Thyroid Disorders

Recommendation: Consult with a qualified health provider about the potential benefits of supplementing folate and avoiding folic acid. Because of your COMT and other SNPs, this should be done slowly...(continued)...

DNA in Motion

The scientific research used in interpreting DNA results is constantly being updated. Thousands of researchers are working on discovering the connections between genes and disease. Likewise, NDS reports are continually being updated.

Ready to Nurture your Nature?

Want to see more? 

We'll send a sample NDS report to you! Simply go to the contact page and send us a request via email. We'll gladly send you a sample report. That's also a good place to go if you have questions. In addition to our website, several videos are on our Youtube channel: Tom Ballard ND

NDS is the only company offering comprehensive DNA analysis with genetic interpretation that gives you tools for unlocking your genetic potential.

Natural DNA Solutions uses raw DNA data from 23andme. com and Ancestry. com

23andme is the largest, most respected provider of home genetic testing.

You can purchase a 23andme. com or test from their websites

Once or sends you your DNA data,

follow the instructions on the Purchase page here to

purchase and send your data to NDS for a medical interpretation report.

Genetic testing and DNA analysis has never been easier and more affordable.

Make medical genetics, genomics, nurtragenomics, methylation, and the world of genetic medicine integral to rebuilding your health.

This page shows examples of how the report will read. Note the complexity and overlapping influences of different genes - a good reason to have all of them tested.

You'll receive useful information on:

  • Detoxification function
  • Methylation (see more below)
  • Immune capacity
  • Celiac/gluten intolerance
  • Allergy prognosis
  • Clotting disorders
  • Mitochondrial function (energy!)

Your genes contain a wealth of information that influences your health for better or worse. 

Natural DNA Solutions is here to help you maximize your positive genetic potential and minimize

your health risks.

We nurture your nature!